Parenting On The Same Sheet Of Music

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All too often, parents “fly by the seat of their pants” when they’re trying to raise their children.  They don’t have a game plan and there’s no “X’s” and “O’s” on the chalk board.  This leads to mixed messages being passed on to the children.  It also leads to conflict between the parents and between the parents and children.  Mom’s and dads end up parenting via “Mood” and “Energy” levels.

Dr J Seminar                                                                                   (Click on “Dr J” above to watch a brief video about this very issue)

Dr Matthew A Johnson’s “Positive Parenting with a Plan” provides the simple order and structure to help parents establish a game plan for raising their children.  It’s especially helpful for parents who have alternating shifts, who are divorced, or for military families who have a parent who is deployed.  

Dad returns home

The “Positive Parenting” program allows the deployed parent to return home and rejoin their spouse in parenting their children with minimal conflict, if any at all, because the game plan allows him/her to slide right back into the family routine.  You can obtain the “Positive Parenting” book or DVD by clicking on the picture below:

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Finally, Dr Matthew A Johnson (“Dr J”) has created a “Positive Parenting” Facebook Group so both parents and professionals can offer support to one another for FREE (Please click on the link below to join the Facebook Group).


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