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Dr J makes House Calls

Dr J wants you to know that for a flat fee of $3,000, he will travel to your home on a Friday and spend Friday night with your family; all day Saturday and all day Sunday; and return home on Monday. This is NOT therapy. Rather, Dr J is simply providing consultation about the “correct and consistent” implementation of his Positive Parenting program in your home.

While he’s visiting with your family, he will meet with all the family members individually as well as with your family together. He will mix and match these meetings based upon the needs of the individuals and the family.

Dr J will make sure that your family is implementing “Positive Parenting with a Plan” in your home in a “correct and consistent” manner before he leaves. He will also be available for follow-up phone consultation afterwards. He has provided many such home consultations for families across the USA, including Fortune 500 Executives and Celebrities.

You will be responsible for “Dr J’s” airfare, transportation, food, and housing. He will be sleeping in your home and eating with your family.

If you have questions, please feel free to call Dr. J. at: 541-499-2816

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