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F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules Testimonials From Mental Health Professionals:

An absence of structure afflicts a vast number of contemporary American families. There are many sources of this dreadful phenomenon including substance abuse, mental illness, divorce, illegitmacy, financial pressures, and moral inadequacy, to name just a few. Whatever the primary sources of the lack of family structure may be, the absence of structure itself invariably leads the family further down the spiral of despair, dysfunction, disease and delinquency. Dr. Matthew A. Johnson (“Dr. J.”) and his Positive Parenting system offer a powerful alternative to family chaos. “F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules” presents a solid and coherent structure for families in need. In this seminar, he first presents a philosophical and intellectual framework for “F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules” and then presents the system itself in an absolutely clear and straightforward manner. “F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules” is a product of who and what “Dr. J.” himself is, a child of a family with problems, and outstanding competitive athlete, a dedicated and highly trained professional, and a man of strong conviction who practices what he believes. While “F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules” is highly structured, it is not rigid. Within the structure is plenty of room for individuality and creativity just as the rules of basketball leave room for the individuality and creativity of a Michael Jordan or a Dr. J. Families who understand and correctly and consistently implement “F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules” will be protected from many of the most pernicious ills of our time. I am pleased to recommend “F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules.”
Hillel I. Swiller, MD, FAPA, FAGPA
New York, NY,  US


The material presented in this program will greatly improve the quality of treatment that is provided to the families at our agency. Thank you for presenting a program that is creative, practical, and concise!
Christina Warner, MS, LPC
St. Louis, MO,  US


Finally! A parenting system that I can put into effect as soon as I leave! Awesome! I feel I can be effective as a counselor and as a parent!
Barb Beckerman, School Counselor
St. Louis, MO,  US


Dr. Johnson’s business-like and compassionate approach seems to be extremely effective.
Julie Morreale, Teacher/Counselor
St. Louis, MO,  US


I really enjoyed Dr. Johnson’s Positive Parenting seminar. I think his techniques will prove very useful.
Debbie Early, Ph.D. Student Intern
St. Louis, MO,  US


Dr. Johnson was pleasant, entertaining, and a very effective trainer of mental health professionals.
Nora Johnson, Ph.D.
Jefferson City, MO,  US


Dr. Johnson’s presentation was wonderful. I really enjoyed it and gathered great information. I can’t wait to use this program.
Sharon Brown, School Social Worker
Jefferson City, MO,  US


It would be nice if all parents of school-age children were mandated to take this as a course!!!
Melissa Allen, Social Services Coordinator
Oklahoma City, OK,  US


This information will be invaluable to my practice!
Regina Pereira, Therapist
Oklahoma City, OK,  US


This parenting seminar is outstanding. I can hardly wait to begin implementing it.
Sheri Medcalf, LPC, School Counselor
Oklahoma City, OK,  US


This was an excellent seminar that provided extremely valuable information. “Dr. J.” is hilarious and definitely knows how to hold a groups’ attention!
Eileen Lewis, LCSW
Oklahoma City, OK,  US


FAMILY Rules is a very helpful plan to read and implement with my patients. It is practical and provides kids with self-direction. They can choose the outcomes in their life. Dr. J. is reintroducing common sense back into parenting children. Thank you!
C. Sheryl Pingel, N.P. Psych
Kennewick, WA,  US


Dr. Johnson is a very engaging speaker. I enjoyed his presentation thoroughly. It was very powerful. I feel that I learned a great deal in working with parents.
Joy Jones, M.S.
Spokane, WA,  US


Dr. J. provided a concrete/practical approach (nuts and bolts) to successfully managing negative behavior and increasing positive behavior in the home. I appreciated his guidance on effective strategies for establishing parental authority. This is an area/subject that is lacking in popular parenting literature on the market today.
Shawn C. Horn, M.A. (Doctor of Psychology Intern)
Spokane, WA,  US


Wow, actual tools to use! I’ve very pleasantly surprised. I actually learned something today.
Olivia Kato, YMCA – Director of Youth Development
Seattle, WA,  US


The convictions that Dr. J. has are so powerful and encouraging. He brought hope back into how I see kids that are extremely challenging. Dr. J. practices what he teaches to others which gives the information more validity. Thank you!
Kay Terrell, Foster Care Licenser
Seattle, WA,  US


The information was easily understood. The “juices” of implementation began immediately.
Leslie Wall, Family Educator
Redding, CA,  US


Dr. Johnson presented an effective parenting program in a clear, easy to understand manner. His sense of humor and easy approach made his methods seem even more realistic. Parenting doesn’t have to be hard and “Dr. J.” clearly demonstrates this.
Shannon Secrist, Supervising Social Worker
Sacramento, CA,  US


Unbelievable conference! Extremely practical and life changing!
Kevin Brown, Marriage & Family Therapist
Modesto, CA,  US


I truly appreciate the focus on respect and need for structure. If more professionals could take this training, more families and children could be better served.
Jesus Diaz, Social Worker
Oakland, CA,  US


I teach a positive parenting workshop for adoptive families and I needed this course. It has empowered me to empower families.
Rosa Gomez-Ramsdell, Social Worker
San Francisco, CA,  US


I really learned some great stuff. I like the simplicity and feel hopeful about implementing what I learned with my kids and in my private practice. Thanks!
Cindy Ferrera, Ph.D.
San Francisco, CA,  US


Clear presentation with effective tools when dealing with parents. It’s a must for group homes.
Henry Ford, Supervisor
Sherman Oaks, CA,  US


Humor infused the entire lecture making absorption of important points very simple.
Glorya Miranda-Dixon, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA,  US


Dr. J. is an excellent and dynamic speaker. He’s a responsive listener, sharp, with a strong intent to help.
Scott Smith, Eagle Co. Buddies Program Assistant
Colorado Springs, CO,  US


Great ideas to implement structure in chaotic families!
Debra Johansen, Family Therapist
Colorado Springs, CO,  US


Even though I’m a school counselor, we still deal with parenting issues. This was very beneficial for me.
Ramona Hucke, School Counselor
Cheyenne, WY,  US


This was the best seminar I have been too since becoming a nurse in the psychiatric field.
Trixie Wilmott, RN
Cheyenne, WY,  US


I greatly appreciate Dr. Johnson’s willingness to question the “conventional wisdom” of the contemporary “experts” in parenting (as well as the “political correctness” of our society). Many people need to hear this message!
Teresa Wallace, Counselor
Casper, WY,  US


As a foster parent trainer, I will be able to implement this program as a part of our training sessions.
Shauna Bryant, Social Worker
Roanoke, VA,  US


This is truly the best seminar I have ever attended professionally. This guy knows his stuff and leaves no doubt that the program works!
Kim Wormuth, Child & Adolescent Therapist
Roanoke, VA,  US


Excellent program! Best seminar I have ever attended! Worth every penny!
Charles M. Alexander, Transitional House Coord.
Winston-Salem, NC,  US


Great presentation!
Judy Dodson, Staff Psychologist II
Asheville, NC,  US


This is an excellent program – delightful presentation and a very thorough nuts and bolts system.
Donna Thackwray, Ph.D.
Asheville, NC,  US


Dr. J. did a fantastic job of getting his message across. The material was very relevant to my line of work.
Leigh Ann Vaughn, Social Worker III
Asheville, NC,  US


Dr. J. is an entertaining, efficient, and effective speaker.
William J. Hamil, EAP Coord.
Johnson City, TN,  US


Dr. Johnson’s parenting program is going to be very useful while working with my foster parents and foster children.
Ali Hayfield, Social Worker
Johnson City, TN,  US


Practical information that will be very useful in my work with families. Thank you!
Michelle Barrett-Hilton, Clinical Therapist
Knoxville, TN,  US


I love your program!
Beverly Riddle, Adolescent Counselor
Indianapolis, IN,  US


This was one of the best conferences I have attended. Dr. J. kept my attention the entire time. I learned something I can actually use. Thanks!
Marcy Sweet, LCSW
Indianapolis, IN,  US


This was, without a doubt, the best seminar I have ever attended! Thank you!
Jill Hede, Social Worker
Cincinnati, OH,  US


The best training seminar I have ever attended.
Robert T. Williams, LCSW
Cincinnati, OH,  US


Dr. Matthew Johnson was an excellent speaker, an “out of the box” kind of guy. He uses a practical, common sense approach.
Darlene Ware, MSW, CSW
Louisville, KY,  US


The best training I’ve ever been to.
Donna Vincent, Case Coordinator
Louisville, OH,  US


Excellent presentation. I love the simplistic format and step by step implementation directions.
Jenny Stallworth, Child Advocate
Lexington, KY,  US


Excellent format and presentation. I agree completely with the philosophical approach. The mechanics are practical and theoretically sound.
Charles Yonts, Ph.D.
Lexington, KY,  US


Dr. Johnson is a very interesting and enthusiastic presenter. What a wonderful “common sense” approach to parenting!
Elizabeth Stotts, Family Service Assistant
Charleston, WV,  US


Can’t wait to start working with families and to empower the parents to take charge of their families.
Kelli Phelps, LCSW
Huntington, WV,  US


One of the best seminars I have attended (and I have been to MANY). Dr. J. actually delivered what was promised and he was entertaining as well!
J. Katherine Hennessy, Psy.D.
Minneapolis, MN,  US


Very informative, concise and entertaining! I am already formulating my plans for the families I’m working with!
Sheila Selinsky, MA, LMFT
Minneapolis, MN,  US


Dr. J. was a fantastic presenter. I would recommend his program to the families I work with.
Daniel Moen, Licensed Psychologist
Duluth, MN,  US


Dr. J. is one of the best presenters I have heard! He knows his material, does a great job with it, and I thank God for his information.
James Otremba, LCSW
St. Cloud, MN,  US


I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone working with children.
Jeanette M. Janisch, Social Worker
Fargo, ND,  US


Very informative and a definite game plan for parental empowerment.
Louis E. McLeod, Jr. Program Supervisor
Bismarck, ND,  US


Finally! Keep reaching out and “touching” others. I will help via “word of mouth”.
Therresa Triebull, LCSW
Bismarck, ND,  US


I received the FAMILY Rules training in June 2003. It makes such good sense! We see kids improve just from our high structure of our treatment facility, now we have a way to improve the homes they will return to. I have started to use it in my private practice as well. Great research, great program, very adaptable to individual values! 
Ellie Knutson, LCSW
Willmar, MN,  US


An extremely eye-opening and enlightening workshop!
Rosa Frederico-Ochoa, LPC
El Paso, TX,  US


I enjoyed this seminar. It should be mandatory for all clinicians to have access to this program as an option for treatment.
Jennifer Lewis, Children’s Case Manager
Albuquerque, NM,  US


Super great seminar. Dr. J. obviously really cares about kids growing up to be responsible and cares about parents too!
Susan Easley
Albuquerque, NM,  US


Dr. Johnson was an excellent instructor — very interesting; informal, yet professional.
Vickie Cantwell, Treatment Coordinator
Amarillo, TX,  US


What a great day. I work as a Case Manager with Big Brothers & Big Sisters. This is going to be great for some of the parents with their at risk children.
Melissa Equia, Case Manager
Lubbock, TX,  US


Very practical. So much of what I’ve learned at other seminars seemed unrealistic. This is stuff that can be done.
Dane Holt, Case Manager
Lubbock, TX,  US


Excellent program and speaker!
Perry Marchioni, Ph.D.
Midland, TX,  US


Great presentation and wonderful organized workable material. This is very valuable information. I believe it can and will work. You sold your program to me!
Alexandria Rose, LPC
Midland, TX,  US


Dr. J. was great! He really does a wonderful job and you can tell he loves what he does! Thank you!!
Terri Gainer, ASAP Assistant Director
Tallahassee, FL,  US


I have attended many parenting classes and used several techniques. This surpasses them all and I can’t wait to try it!
Susan Brooks, Counselor II
Gainesville, FL,  US


Enjoyed the program! I liked the fact that parents receive their true authority. Other programs act as if they are afraid to parent with authority.
Wanda Gwyn, Therapist
Tampa Bay, FL,  US


Excellent presentation! This was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to. Dr. J.’s energetic style made the day go by fast. The material was explained in a simple manner which makes it easy to pass on to clients.
Kari Quehl Graf, LCSW
Tampa Bay, FL,  US


I appreciate learning actual techniques that can be used. I’ve been to seminars where a lot of philosophy is discussed, but I’ve left thinking, “Okay, now what do I do?” This seminar has not been like that.
Myrna Hogue, School Social Worker
Tampa Bay, FL,  US


Thank you for this wonderful learning experience. Your program will help me both professionally and in my personal life.
Denise Drews, Exec Dir of Deaf Services Center
Fort Myers, FL,  US


I appreciate the fact that this program gives power back to the parents and can apply to many different types of families.
Omrit Shimoni, LMHC
Miami, FL,  US


Excellent seminar and approach. I will definitely attempt to use it in my practice and agency.
Miriam Aponte, Therapist 
Miami, FL,  US


Dr. Johnson is an excellent instructor/speaker. He is an expert in family and Positive Parenting. Everything was great!
Mercedes Lazcos, LMHC
Miami, FL,  US


Excellent method of “Positive Parenting.” I will be using this method with families and will be providing training for therapists when I supervise them.
Jan Howard, Clinical Supervisor
Melbourne, FL,  US


Thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. Very clear cut and practical approach towards parenting.
Margaret DeFrancisci, Social Worker
Melbourne, FL,  US


I now have a structured program to give to parents instead of just giving them general principles. I can’t wait to pass this on to parents!
Kathy Back, LMHC
Ft. Lauderdale, FL,  US


Dr. J. is wonderful!! I’m glad to hear someone with a concrete “doable” parenting program.
Kari Topel, Mental Health Therapist
Dania, FL,  US


I have been going to these continuing education seminars for twenty-five years. This is by far the very best I have ever experienced. Bring him back so I can send many, many people to hear him.
Schatzi Kassal, Mental Health Therapist
Ft. Lauderdale, FL,  US


This was the best continuing education course. I learned so much. It’s realistic to use outside the seminar room. Thanks for the education!
Rachel Whipple, LCSW
Ft. Lauderdale, FL,  US


Dr. J. did a good job. He is passionate about this topic. It makes sense and I am eager to implement the program.
Katherine Finfrock, LMHC
Orlando, FL,  US


This program is wonderful. I can’t wait to put it to use with my clients! Dr. J. was very entertaining.
Jennifer Lee, Child & Family Therapist
Seattle, WA,  US


Excellent seminar. I learned more in this seminar than any other. This makes more sense and is more useable.
Tonya Pomeroy, Therapist
Tacoma, WA,  US


I really liked the straight forward approach of the speaker and the humor that was used. This is very adaptable to my present position.
Deanne Kennedy, Therapist
Tacoma, WA,  US


Excellent program and presentation. Highly useful and appropriate for anyone.
Greg Halford, Therapist
Tacoma, WA,  US


Great presentation. Dr. J. kept my attention and had valuable information relevant to my work.
Michelle Axe, Family Counselor
Portland, OR,  US


Very clear, concise material with useable techniques. Dr. J. is a dynamic and entertaining speaker and is very knowledgeable about the topic of parenting.
Emily Ritter, LCSW
Portland, OR,  US


This was an absolutely amazing seminar. I’ve learned about many different parenting models and never thought that they were 100% complete. Something was always missing from those parenting models. THIS PARENTING PROGRAM IS COMPLETE!!! Thank you Dr. Johnson. Your passion for what you do is evident.
Shannon Park, Child & Family Therapist
Eugene, OR,  US


It’s nice to have a presenter who “walks the walk.” This is a complete seminar with practical and personal illustrations. Dr. J. has a good variety of presentation styles.
Sue Montgomery, Ph.D.
Eugene, OR,  US


Unique presenting style, knowledgeable, great sense of humor, versatile, and good connectedness with the audience. This is valuable information for parents and professionals.
Jean Slaughter, School Social Worker
Shreveport, LA,  US


The best seminar I have ever attended.
Sherry Parker, Case Worker
Shreveport, LA,  US


A “How to Program”. Step by step through the course with “can do” answers to questions. “Best CEU’s yet!”
Vernon Williams, Counselor
Shreveport, LA,  US


The content and the presentation was entertaining and informative. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a seminar that is 100% applicable to my practice as this one was.
Cindy Lopez, Social Worker
Baton Rouge, LA,  US


Superior presentation!
Jean Brazelton, Juvenile Officer
Baton Rouge, LA,  US


Excellent and useful information needed for our society!!
Daisy Cummings, Social Worker
New Orleans, LA,  US


Realistic interventions that can be used. Great workshop!
Jenny Loving, LMSW
Jackson, MS,  US


This is the best program and intervention I have seen for families with discipline problem kids and for most other kids and parents too!
Jim Nichols, Clinical Social Worker
Houston, UT,  US


Great program – very entertaining guy!!! I wish I would’ve had this information 20 years ago. It would have helped me tremendously with my children.
Peggy Burdon, Parenting Coordinator
Houston, TX,  US


Possibly the best seminar I have attended in my 15 years as a social worker. Great energy!
Joan Cole Martin, PEP Social Worker
Houston, TX,  US


Excellent seminar. I wish I had this 20 years ago.
Sandra Smith, Health Services Coordinator
Houston, TX,  US


One of the best workshops I have ever attended. This speaker is very dynamic and knowledgeable.
Lydia C. Ramirez, Ph.D., LMSW-ACP
Corpus Christi, TX,  US


This training has been the best training I have attended. It was both very informative as well as entertaining!
Cecelia A. Ruiz, STAR Counselor
San Antonio, TX,  US


Most dynamic speaker I have heard. This seminar reaffirmed the beliefs I have and packaged them in a concise way. I look forward to implementing this program.
Lupita Martinez-Goller, Field Services Coordinator
San Antonio, TX,  US


Dr. J. does an amazing job of presenting the material. His passion and enthusiasm is contageous. I can’t wait to teach my foster parents the system and help them implement it with the children in their homes.
Marcie Stowell, Case Manager
San Antonio, TX,  US


This program will certainly enrich my therapeutic practice. Many families in crisis come in perplexed and this simple straight-forward approach will provide immediate help.
Richard Amiss, LAC, NCC
San Antonio, TX,  US


This is the best conference I’ve attended. It’s practical, workable, realistic, positive and balanced. Everybody grows and wins! I loved the humor, energy, and examples. This course will help me help others at school, in class, and at home!! I wish I knew this “way back when”!!!
Margaret “Jinx” Lacey, Crisis Support Counselor
Austin, TX,  US


Excellent workshop and very well presented! Thought provoking with good written material to facilitate the presentation.
James P. Banks, LPC
Austin, TX,  US


Dr. J. is a great presenter of “Parental Empowerment”. He connects the “Positive Parenting” tactics with home and treatment settings in a professional “real-world” manner.
Michelle Primeaux, Family Advocate
Austin, TX,  US


The most practical, hands on, useable information I have ever received at a workshop.
Stacy Courtney, LPC
Austin, TX,  US


Dr. J. is giving us “old-time” values to use. I love it!
Peggie Wiseman, LCSW
Reno, NV,  US


Good clear message, great information, and a fun presentation!
Donna Stephens, School Counselor
Sacramento, CA,  US


Dr. J. is very engaging, energetic, and effective at presenting the material!
Eric Balme, LMFT
Sacramento, CA,  US


Dr. J. is a great speaker and really holds the seminar participant’s interest! I was sure I’d nod off after lunch but Dr. J.’s animated and interesting style really held my attention!
Zoya Raysberg, Outreach Coordinator
Oakland, CA,  US


This seminar was most helpful and valuable to the work I do with families and also with my own family.
Dr. Lenora Poe, Psychotherapist
Oakland, CA,  US


Right on!
Lana Wertz, LMFC
Oakland, CA,  US


This is the first time I have attended a seminar where my full interest was maintained from beginning to end.
Daniel Reginato, MSW
Oakland, CA,  US


I believe that “Positive Parenting” is timely, appropriate, and very applicable. I appreciate the levels of practicality of the parenting system that can give parents the ability to take back the authority they gave away. While at the same time, building a strong relationship with their child(ren).
Felicia Bridges, School Guidance Counselor
Oakland, CA,  US


A valuable reinforcement of positive parenting concepts. Today’s kids truly appreciate the safety and security of structure and order. Parents need the tools and permission to do this.
Noreen Miller, LMFT
South San Francisco, CA,  US


Dr. Matthew A. Johnson was thorough, clear, and presented effectively.
David Torrell, Ph.D.
Nashville, TN,  US


It was great!
Mary Down Cox, Ph.D.
Nashville, TN,  US


Great sense of humor. I usually fall asleep at seminars but Dr.J.’s style of presentation left me wanting more.
Tamara Gremillion (Magellan Case Manager)
Nashville, TN,  US


The best concrete and workable parenting program I have seen in many years! I can’t wait to implement this in my classroom!
Bobbi Matheny, Special Ed. Teacher
Nashville, TN,  US


This is – bar none! – the absolute best seminar I have ever attended. Thanks!
Allan Ray Hollis Jr., Ph.D.
Nashville, TN,  US


The presentation was excellent; it captured my attention for the entire day.
Candee Louise Arnold, School Counselor
Chattanooga, TN,  US


Dr. Johnson is very charismatic. He brings the information and material to life.
Jill Hughes, LCSW
Norcross, GA,  US


Dr. J. was a wonderful presenter. He was full of life and energy and made the entire day enjoyable.
Tamika Scruggs (YWCA of N.W. Georgia)
Atlanta, GA,  US


I loved the seminar!
Jacquelyn Osborne, Special Ed Teacher
Atlanta, GA,  US


Extremely helpful when working with children and adolescents.
Regise Asherman, LCSW
Atlanta, GA,  US


This plan should be implemented in university curriculums throughout the U.S.A.
Joann Ford, Family/Community Specialist
Tunica, MS,  US


This is the best seminar I can remember being a part of. Thank you very much!
Lois Swindall, Family Services Worker
Tunica, MS,  US


Excellent presenter who actually delivered what he said he would in terms of ease of application in practical, real life clinical practice settings.
Cathy Langford, LCSW
Tunica, MS,  US


This program and the way you use humor in your presentation is great for learning!! The whole seminar needs to be on video/DVD and audio tape!!!
Martha “Kip” Smith, LCSW
Tunica, MS,  US


This is the book I have been trying to piece together in my head over the past four years, and hoped to have assembled within the next three. I have been a youth minister, schoolteacher, adolescent drug rehab counselor (inpatient), and am now in private practice. Thank you for creating a system that works…a system that is clearly enforceable by all, is flexible, includes the concept of grace, AND provides accountability for parents. I hope to start leading groups with FAMILY rules over the next few months. 
Carl Stewart, LPC
Huntsville, AL,  US


Awesome presentation! What a practical parenting tool. I look forward to seeing it in action.
Amee Smart, IRA Site Manager
Buffalo, NY,  US


The seminar was informative and fun. It is a practical and easy to use program. I can’t wait to use it with the families that I work with.
Linda Binion, School Counselor
Rochester, NY,  US


Dr. J. was inspiring and humorous. He has a great handle on the concepts of parenting and explained them very well. I look forward to using this program with the families I work with.
Kathleen Freeman, School Counselor
Rochester, NY,  US


It’s great to finally have tangible skills and a plan to teach the parents with whom I work. Thank you, Dr. J.!
Amy Stewart, Care Coordinator
Syracuse, NY,  US


Dr. J’s seminar was informative and he’s an excellent speaker. I can use this information to help the families I serve.
Kimberly Duellman, Family Service Specialist
Syracuse, NY,  US


Dr. J. is humorous, down to earth, and inspiring. He believes in his program and so do I!
Paulette Blackmon, Parent Advocate
Albany, NY,  US


Dr. J’s presentation is both useful and pertinent.
Thomas Cassels, Social Worker
New York, NY,  US


Not only was the information given incredibly useful, but the presentation was entertaining and easy to understand. I would recomend this seminar to both parents and mental health professionals alike.
Jessica Ray, Youth Advocate
Tarrytown, NY,  US


This was one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. Practical, easily replicated, on target and no gimmicks. Thank you!
Janet Buchbinder, School Social Worker
Tarrytown, NY,  US


Can Dr. Johnson raise my child?
Kay Vitelli, Social Worker
Tarrytown, NY,  US


I appreciate Dr. J’s passion. He is a gifted communicator.
Scott Bauer, Mental Health Therapist
Ft. Wayne, IN,  US


Dr. Johnson was a dynamic and charasmatic presenter who clearly knows his stuff. Great day! I can’t wait to try this with the challenging families I work with.
Wendy Kunce, MSW, CSW
Lansing, MI,  US


Dr. Johnson has such a unique, animated way of presenting. He kept my attention the entire time. Thanks so much for this applicable parenting information.
Susanna Ankney, MSW, CSW
Grand Rapids, MI,  US


Dr. J. is a very energetic presenter. He kept it fun and interesting. He has the professional expertise and the credentials.
Jim Nesbit, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Case Manager
Saginaw, MI,  US


Awesome! The best seminar I’ve ever attended by far! Make it two days!
Deborah Woodard, Community Mental Health
Saginaw, MI,  US


One of the best speakers I have heard in the last ten years and I have attended several seminars.
Debra Gregory, Psychotherapist
Detroit, MI,  US


Excellent program! I would recommend this to anyone.
Jennifer Woodard, Dept of Justice
Toledo, OH,  US


This was one of the best seminars I have ever attended. “Dr. J.” was excellent. The information was helpful and well organized. His presentation style was engaging and very effective. The material was very practical.
Joseph Christen, U of Toledo (Director of OL&D)
Toledo, OH,  US


I really enjoyed the seminar. Dr. Johnson’s philosophy is very similar to my mother’s. I’m glad this seminar was provided. Some counselors are afraid to appear disciplinarian.
Shannon Engelhart, Case Manager
Columbus, OH,  US


One of the most instructional and informative seminars I’ve ever attended. I left feeling I had a good grip on tactics and the implementation of the parenting program.
Lisa Saavedra, LPC
Columbus, OH,  US


Excellent presentation. Finally, a workshop that doesn’t teach how to continue enabling parents!!
Randi Vercillo, Case Manager
Canton, OH,  US


I am very pleased with the quality of your program. Excellent and helpful program!
Joan Madson, PhD
Torrance, CA,  US


This has been the most clear and concise program presented through Cross Country University. Dr. J. is so accurate, clear, and concise and he does not budge on the truth. This information is so valuable in a time of disintegrating families.
Lesley Eckhardt, LCSW
Miami, FL,  US


Substantive workshop with coherent, well organized format. Dr. J. was clear, articulate, and entertaining. He is dynamic and compelling.
Robert R. Dies, Ph.D.
Tampa Bay, FL,  US


Dr. Matthew Johnson’s parenting seminar was awesome. So very practical!!!!
April Lambert, LMFT
Tampa Bay, FL,  US


Wake up moms and dads! It’s all right there in front of you. It’s always been there. Dr. J. removes the fog and makes it clear. He makes is simple and direct to be a better parent. Thanks Dr. J. and keep bringing your parenting program to professionals and parents around the country!
Bill Mannle, LMFT
Boston, MA,  US


What a great instructor!!! Dr. J. was able to effectively teach a program in a day without losing my attention.
Bethany Couto, Clinical Superviser
Providence, RI,  US


Excellent seminar! This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended. Dr. Matthew Johnson is a wonderful facilitator. I will not only use this professionally – but personally as well.
LeAnn Hartleroad, Upward Bound Program Director
St. Louis, MO,  US


OKAY! Dr. J. grew on me! The content was very accurate and I learned these things the hard way over the past several years, but I still wanted to smack him a few times during the day.
Betty Czekala, LCPC
Naperville, IL,  US


Dr. J. is by far the best presenter I have ever witnessed (and I’ve been in the field since 1987)!!! He made me cry! (smile)
Janet Sushinski, Social Worker
Chicago, IL,  US


Dr. Matthew Johnson is awesome! He provided a wonderful presentation.
Dianne Bloom, LPC
Bloomington, IL,  US


Dr. J.’s enthusiasm, humor, and intensity is what made this workshop very effective. He’s definitely not a dry bowl of shredded wheat!
Donna Aulabaugh, LPC
Bloomington, IL,  US


Most “counselor” workshops are tough to sit through, especially after lunch. Dr. J. was vibrant, interesting, and passionate in his presentation. My focus never waned.
Janice Dutton, High School Guidance Director
Colorado Springs, CO,  US


The FAMILY Rules program sounds fabulous. I want to use it with other families.
Kathie Arnold, School Counselor
Denver, CO,  US


I have been spoiled by the opportunity to hear Dr. Johnson’s presentation which was full of quality information and topped with pride and animations to get his program across! His generousity and feelings shared were highly appreciated.
Stephanie Steele, CPCI
Salt Lake City, UT,  US


Dr. J. is one of the most skilled and riveting presenters I have ever experienced in any continuing education environment.
Jeff Paris, LPC
Phoenix, AZ,  US


I never had a presenter that gave so much of himself to the presentation.
Trever Tindol, LPC
Shreveport, LA,  US


In many workshops, we are taught excellent tools to use but the catch is that we aren’t yet able to implement what we’ve learned by teaching others. Dr. J’s technique is simple enough that after a one-day workshop, we can. This unique method emphasizes his commitment to people and his faith in his program.
Amy Lawrence, Special Ed Behavior Interventionist
Shreveport, LA,  US


Before this seminar, I felt like the parents I work with. I didn’t have anything to give parents to help them with their children. I felt helpless but not anymore!
Lhea Lucien, Counselor
Tyler, TX,  US


I am a HARD rater! No seminar or instructor is perfect. But, this seminar and instructor was the CLOSEST I’ve ever seen! I would recommend this seminar for ALL counselors, teachers, and parents. Great job, Dr. J.!!! Please contact me with future seminars! I’ll be there!
Jennifer C. Cass, MA, LPC
Dallas, TX,  US


Wow! This is the best seminar I have ever attended! Dr. J. does an outstanding job of explaining his program that simply uses common sense to help parents. I believe that this program really could save America! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The seminar was worth every penny!
Kendra Bates, Middle School Counselor
Dallas, TX,  US


I came in to today’s seminar feeling pretty discouraged. Now, I feel encouraged that I have a tool to REALLY help families. The seminar was perfect!
Beth Calhoun, Counselor
Dallas, TX,  US


I had about given up on good productive training until today. Thank you! This is a tremendous program! I would attend other trainings presented by Dr. Johnson!
Cheri Harrington, Senior Therapist
Tulsa, OK,  US


This is one of the very best seminars I have ever attended. Dr. J. was very direct in explaining all material which will be extremely helpful in working with clients.
Rita Wilson, Clinical Social Worker
Tulsa, OK,  US


This truely has been the most valuable seminar to my practice and youthful clients and their parents I have ever attended. Well worth the time and money. Kudos to Dr. J.!!!
William Dungan, LCSW
Louisville, KY,  US


Some therapists, only a few, have a seemingly magical ability to capture the attention of challenging children. Dr. Johnson demystifies the qualities and practices of these therapists, and gives hope and confidence to those who struggle to help families who need help the most.
Donna DeWeese, Behavior Therapist
Biloxi, MS,  US


Normally, I leave continuing education seminars thinking, “Thank God this is over!” However, this is one of the most interesting seminars that I have ever attended. I finally have found a program that I feel could be effective for the difficult clients that I work with. Thanks, Dr. J.!
Lauren Dessommes, LPC, LMFT
New Orleans, LA,  US


I am an In-home Counselor in the Hampton Roads area. After attending your seminar at the Airport Hilton this year, I used the plan with a family in therapy with six children. I am happy to report they have reached their goals of having family stability. I will continue to spread the good news and techniques of FAMILY Rules. 
Angel Pye 
Hampton, VA,  US


This was by far the most useful, helpful, and practical seminar I have ever attended. I left with information and a plan that I can put into practice immediately.
Leslie Siegel, Ph.D.
Philadelphia, PA,  US


Family Rules validates what I’ve been doing at home with my own children and what I have incorporated into therapy with my clients. Family Rules has simply provided a formalized format for me to utilize in practice. Talk about Empowerment!
Ursula Wacyk, LCSW
Allen Town, PA,  US


Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I don’t think any seminar I have attended has ever challenged me as much both personally and professionally; cognitively and emotionally; philosophically and spiritually. Thank you, Dr. J.
Beverly Klaiber, LMFT
Redding, CA,  US


I love the passion you have for this process. We would like you to come to our area for this training. We want and are starting to use “FAMILY Rules” with all of our agencies that work with families.
Glenda Turnage, Social Worker
Redding, CA,  US


This has been the best presentation on parenting I’ve ever heard. I’m encouraged with the FAMILY Rules plan for my own personal use as well as with my clients. I think FAMILY Rules should be mandated by Child Protective Services and Probation. Thank you!
Darby Sevy, Social Worker
Folsom, CA,  US


If kids came home from the hospital with an “Owner’s Manual,” the FAMILY Rules book would be it. Dr. J. is funny and a good performer. He has a big heart and a powerful mission – to save Americans, one family at a time.
Gwendolyn Evans, Ph.D.
San Francisco, CA,  US


This seminar was literally the first and only time that I was awake and totally interested in what a speaker had to say. I am a principal at a charter school – Life Learning Academy and I am very interested in adapting Dr. J’s FAMILY Rules program to our school environment.
Teri Lynch-Delane, High School Principal
San Francisco, CA,  US


Every Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in the country should invite Dr. J. to come and do the “Positive Parenting with a Plan” seminar in their community.
Pastor Steven Dial
Nashville, TN,  US


This is the best, and I mean “THE BEST” parenting seminar I have attended since working with kids.
Wayne Hamberger, LPC
Huntsville, AL,  US


I have attended various workshops since 1985. The “cream” of this parenting seminar certainly rises to the top of those I’ve attended over the years. Dr. J.’s presentation is excellent, energetic, useful, and includes common sense ideas to use with families.
Larry Stephenson, LPC
Huntsville, AL,  US


An outstanding presentation! As a professor and counselor educator, I am so very impressed with Dr. Johnson’s approach to parenting and his presentation style. His parenting program is a “common sense” approach that is appropriate for all families. Well done!
Deborah Grant, LPC
Birmingham, AL,  US


As an experienced psychologist, I find it difficult to find useful, much less inspiring, continuing education seminars. Dr. J. managed to both teach practical and useful information and excite me to try the program. I am looking forward to making my own children and family my first guinea pigs!
Doreen Davis, Ph.D.
Birmingham, AL,  US


ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! Dr. Johnson is one of the best – if not THE BEST – presenters I’ve ever seen. Extremely effective at giving clear, effective, and entertaining examples to illustrate his principles and help the student retain information easily. I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Johnson or his seminar. Thanks!
John F., LCSW
Atlanta, GA,  US


By far the best and most relevant seminar I have been to this year!
Tracy Sanchez, LCSW
Atlanta, GA,  US


Our agency employs 57 clinicians and we work in 11 counties in the state of Georgia. We have used the “Positive Parenting” program exclusively since 2003. Our research has demonstrated that we are obtaining very positive results with this parenting program.
David Anthony, Psy.D.
Atlanta, GA,  US


Dr. Johnson, I recently attended your F.A.M.I.L.Y. rules seminar in Birmingham, AL on 9-29-05 at the Radisson. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your presentation; I liked its ‘workability’ and the focus of the correction being something positive for the family structure, versus some corporal type of punishment. I will definitely be putting your book into the hands of many mothers. I think they will benefit from your program, and will use it with their children and adolescents. Best wishes to you and your family. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, James C. Ward, M.A., L.P.C. Licensed Professional Counselor 
James C. Ward, M.A., L.P.C. 
Birmingham, AL,  US


I attended your recent seminar on parenting in New Hampshire at the Radison Hotel. I just wanted to let you know that I fell in love with your F.A.M.I.L.Y philosophy and your positive parenting plan. Well, like you said the techniques are universal and can be applied anywhere in the world. I am African and agree with you A LOT. 
Takura Masanganise, Counselor
Boston, MA,  US


I have been to many boring seminars! F.A.M.I.L.Y Rules was not one of them!! The material Dr. J presents is so applicable I wish others would follow his 
Jason Neill
Gastonia, NC,  US


I work for a Community Mental Health Facility as well as being a parent of 3. I was so impressed by the information gained at Dr. J’s seminar that I immediately began telling everyone about it. I am trying to get the therapists in our center to become F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules counselors so that the families we work with can begin this program!!! I myself will be implementing this in my own home :) It is amazing and Dr. J is so compassionate!
Glasgow, KY,  US


FAMILY Rules has been an accessible and effective tool in the hands of my clients to promote change in their homes. I have found it to be the most effective parenting model to create structure and discipline when consistently and correctly implemented. I highly recommend it as a therapist.
Jason Neill, M.A., M.A.
, SC,  US

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