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Testimonial: Dr. Kathy Steele, PhD, LPC, LMFT


Great for Teaching Graduate Students

In our counseling programs here at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, we focus some on counseling theory in our classes, but also we like to teach our students skills that will empower them to help families learn how to resolve their problems. It is a thrill when the students go out to the clinical practice settings, and we receive reports about how well trained they are. “Positive Parenting with a Plan (Grades K-12): Family Rules” is one of the tools we teach them to prepare them to work with parents and children. It is one of the most practical, and least complicated (which means more likely to be used) programs I have seen to prepare parents to use behavioral techniques. Dr. Johnson’s material is easy to understand and full of illustrations and examples to make it easy to apply to everyday life. The “Good Habit Cards” are a wonderful change for most families after months, sometimes years, of attempting to remove toys from children or privileges for teens. Their old approach wasn’t working because they can’t take away “all” the toys. Also, they would often over-react in the length of the restrictions. FAMILY Rules eliminates these futile and unproductive attempts and provides more positive and effective disciplinary interventions.

Not only is Dr. Johnson’s Family Rules program fairly easy to teach parents to use, as well as successful when parents implement it “correctly and consistently”, but it is also easy for the graduate students to learn how to use it. The free power point training slides Dr. Johnson has made available via his website are clear and entertaining! Our students always enjoy the training, and feel like they can walk away ready to use the material immediately. I would encourage all undergraduate and graduate programs that are seeking to prepare students to use behavioral training or token economy methods to teach this material to their counselors-in-training! 

Dr. Kathy Steele, PhD, LPC, LMFT
Assistant Professor Psychology and Counseling Department
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
New Orleans, Louisiana

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