Does Your Child Have A HEALTHY HEART?

Posted by drj on Friday, June 26, 2015

Does Your Child Have A HEALTHY HEART?

When a tragedy occurs, the Media and Political Opportunists grab a hold of the event and manipulate it to promote their own agenda (i.e., Gun Control; the Confederate Flag, etc.).  They don’t care about the people who were hurt or killed.  They don’t want to address the real issue at hand: America has a HEART problem.





Do you really think that removing the Confederate Flag is going to solve our Nation’s problems?  Well, based on that logic, should we also ban the American Flag and Gold’s Gym tank tops?  Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?  You know that it’s NOT going to solve America’s problem.








America has a HEART problem!!!  

Heart problem









We need parents who are going to actually take the time to involve themselves in the lives of their children.  Who are going to encourage their children to participate in extracurricular activities at their schools and at their church or synagogue.  We need parents who will take the time to help their children with their homework and strongly encourage them to graduate from high school and mandate that they join the Military, go to a Trade School, or go to College.


loving kids


Most important of all, we need parents who are going to take the time to love on their children with lots of hugs, kisses, and “Atta-Boys.”  We need parents who are going to help children feel loved and teach them how to love and respect their neighbors as themselves.  We need parents who will pray with their children.  We need parents who will teach their children that all lives matter.

America does not have a Gun problem – America has a HEART problem.  Does your child have a HEALTHY HEART?



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