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F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules Testimonials From Clergy:

This was by far the most practical training I have ever attended. No one population was left out or singled out. Dr. Johnson’s delivery is awesome!
Quasheba Hardiman, Therapist
Winston-Salem, NC,  US


I really appreciate the presentation skills and information offered.
Richard Henderson, Family Ministries Pastor
Mooreland, OK,  US


I anxiously look forward to implementing this program with my clients and in my own home.
Donna Powell, Albany Biblical Counseling
Tallahassee, FL,  US


Informative, funny, engaging, inspiring, compassionate, yet authoratative. One of the best presenters I’ve ever sat under.
Jenni Biegler, LCSW (Christian Counselor)
Medford, OR,  US


Great passion and authenticity! This is a very helpful plan – practical and clear. Thanks for your commitment to families. This will go a long way in our community!
Pastor David Smith, Silver Creek Church
Oakland, CA,  US


This is the single best seminar I have ever attended. The tools given will be easy to implement with any and all families I work with.
Alice Sanders (Donelson Christian Academy)
Nashville, TN,  US


This was very practical for helping families. Thank you!
Hope Mullins (Georgia AGAPE)
Norcross, GA,  US


I am so excited about this program. I feel empowered for my family as well as a professional. Thank you!
Pam Woodson (First Baptist Church)
Norcross, GA,  US


I’m going to implement this parenting program in a basic care group home setting.
Sally Sims (Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes)
Atlanta, GA,  US


As a pastor and a therapist, I very much appreciated the blend of sound practical biblical principles with common sense. You pulled it all together for us.
David J. Brown, Pastor and CSW-R
Albany, NY,  US


Excellent workshop! Good hands-on, common sense principles with an “undertone” of a biblical approach to parenting. Thank you!
Laurie White, Sexual Assault Therapist
Lansing, MI,  US


This was definitely one of the best trainings I’ve ever been to. I really appreciated the conservative Christian perspective.
Darcy Lokers, Project Child Coordinator
Grand Rapids, MI,  US


Dr. J. is a gifted and annointed speaker! What a blessing. Thank you for using and sharing the talents God has given you.
Krista Krefeld, Resource Coordinator
Saginaw, MI,  US


You never said it directly, but you shined of Christ’s love. It was such a pleasure. Thank you so much and God bless you.
Rachelle Griffen-Hall, School Liason
Canton, OH,  US


I appreciate the clear presentation and practical system.
Pastor Jerry Sprague
Ft. Meyers, FL,  US


I am pregnant with my first child and I am excited to have a better grasp on a parenting direction as well as a professional. I also enjoyed that I can implement Christian values with Biblical principles while using this program.
Denise Collings, Counselor
Bloomington, IL,  US


Dr. J.’s “FAMILY Rules” parenting program is exactly what we have been needing with a number of our clients and families at the Good Samaritan Ministries Counseling Center. We have counseling centers and counselors in over 30 countries around the world, as well as three centers here in the Pacific Northwest. I’d love to see the “FAMILY Rules” parenting program take over America one family at a time! Dr. J.’s 6’9″ frame is small compared to the contribution he has made to the mental health field. Thank you! 
Scott Page, Ph.D.
Beaverton, OR,  US


I’m excited about using this at home, school, and in church. It’s great!
Elaine Miller, Teacher
Salt Lake City, UT,  US


I would love to see “FAMILY Rules” used in more churches instead of those churches using and promoting “Growing Kids God’s Way”. This program seems to be more logical, fair, and equal to all family members.
Donna Lambert, Case Manager
Tucson, AZ,  US


Where have you been? You were great! I am anxious to share this program with coworkers, friends, and fellow church members.
Penny Burks, Special Ed Facilitator
Shreveport, LA,  US


Dr. Matt, I loved how you presented God’s truth in a secular arena! I was very blessed today – both professionally and personally.
Kim Jordan, Director of Counseling
Colleyville, TX,  US


Hey Dr. J., I attended your seminar in Cincinnati about 1 month ago in hopes to find some help working with parents who were struggling parenting their children. F.A.M.I.L.Y Rules is definitely the program I have been looking for and have been training families on it so rapidly that I needed to order a second bulk order of books. The parents like the program, find it easy to work with, feel empowered, don’t feel completely worn out trying to come up with consequences for their kids….the list goes on. Personally, my husband and I have also implemented the program in our home and we love it, in fact we have had many laughs at how much we have had to change and hold ourselves accountable. The kids enjoy the structure and house is getting very CLEAN!!!! I just wanted you to know I really appreciate what you have done in creating this program and are doing, teaching it to others (families and professionals alike) as I see it having a huge impact on empowering families and making their homes and their world a better place to be. It was very comforting to me to learn this program from another Christian and felt that God’s plan was for me to attend that seminar that day, here it taught by you, and bring into my home and the homes of others. Thank you and God Bless! 
Brenda Patton, LISW
Mason, OH,  US


I believe that all Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders should attend this seminar and invite Dr. J. to come to their church.
Pastor Steven Dial
Nashville, TN,  US


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